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We stock a large range of garden and landscaping products to Wonthaggi and the Bass Coast, including sand, soil, cement, rocks, gravel, mulch, plants and all garden supplies, sleepers, planters, firewood, landscaping products and so much more!

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Firewood / Redgum Firewood

Sand, Soil & Gravel Products

Clyde Compost

Concrete Mix

Course sand mixed with bluestone aggregate, just add our bags of GP and you’ve got a good quality concrete.

Top Soil

Screened clean sandy loam top soil, prefect for new yards or topping up low spots around the yard.

Medium Washed Course Sand

We use this sand to make our concrete mix

Triple Wash White Sand

This white sand is perfect for sand pits or dressing your instant or articicial turf.

Muckadilla Brick Sand

14mm Tuscan Topping

Great for pathways, driveways or use it as a decorative mulch In your garden.

20-14 Drainage Aggregate

Great use for a drainage option under agi pipes.

20mm cream pebble

20mm Scoria

Light weight stone great to use for drainage behind retaining walls or for under agi pipes. Can use as a decrotive mulch as well.

20mm Tuscan Screenings

7mm Scoria

Light weight stone used for for sewers or for under tank pads.

Stone Dust/Crusher Dust

A fine, blue metal product. Stone Dust has excellent compaction qualities. Used for paths, carparks, under slabs, filling trenches and under water tanks.

20 CL3 Crushed Rock

This is a good quality crushed rock perfect for under slabs, driveways and walkways. You can leave it exposed or use as a base for a decrotive topping.

Tynong Toppings

Tynong Topping is an “A” grade crushed granite material, 10mm product with a high volume of fines it is suitable for paths and driveways as a decorative topping.

Packing sand

This sand is a fine sand with some clay content in it. Packing sand is mainly used under concrete slabs. It can also be used under paving and under water tanks.


20-60 Flat River Pebble

Great rock for dry garden beds or use as a nice feature rock around the garden or pool.

150 Minus Granite Rubble

This rubble is great for beaching drain to help reduce erosion.

Pink Mudstone

Lovely pink feature rock to make a statement in your garden.

Coldstream Landscape rocks 200 - 500mm


Red Mulch

A 20mm recycled mulch perfect for sprucing up your garden, a long lasting coloured quality mulch.

Black Mulch

A 20mm recycled mulch perfect for making a statement out of your garden, long lasting coloured mulch.

Bush Mulch

Made from chipped materials free of weeds, grass and rubbish. Our bush mulch has been seasoned for 6 months so you don’t have to worry about it burning your plants.

12-20 Pine Bark

A popular heavy mulch that wont blow away it’s a perfect choice for around the garden with a lovely tan colour.


Landscaping Supplies

Miscellanous Garden and Outdoor Products

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